Friday, March 6, 2009

Welcome to Atlanta Arts Review

As a native Atlantan, a musician, a journalist, and an avid consumer of culture high and low, I have long been utterly frustrated by the way arts and the media interact (or don't) in my hometown. While I am grateful that the ever-dwindling Atlanta Journal-Constitution staff still fields two full-time arts critics/reporters, the fact that the powers that be discontinued the ATLarts blog, which had focused on fine art and classical music reviews, makes quite a statement about the paper's commitment to cultural coverage. Even pop music slots in Atlanta's reigning alt-weekly, Creative Loafing, have been reduced to blink-and-you'll-miss-them size. (Other weekly rags seem to have dispensed with music and the arts altogether. *cough* Sunday Paper.)

In response to this sad state of affairs, I've started this blog. I plan to post thoughts on or full-fledged reviews of concerts, shows, and events I attend, which will be anything from improv at Dad's Garage, to Mahler at the ASO, to Neko Case at Variety Playhouse (I hope... does anyone have two extra tickets? E-mail me!). By no means will it be comprehensive -- I'm only one person, after all, and I can't drop all my money on tickets, as much as I might like to. I do try to keep myself open to new things though, so if you have a recommendation of something I should check out, feel free to drop me a line. Beyond reviews, I may on occasion ponder Atlanta's media, business, and political news as it relates to the arts. (There should be plenty of the latter as the mayoral race heats up.) I'll also include a few posts from an insider's perspective, since I'm a singer and a member of the ASO Chorus.

It's my hope that this address will become a regular stop for culture-loving Atlantans and a starting point for lots of conversations in and around the arts community. Thanks for reading!

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