Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chatham County Line at Eddie's Attic, 10/2

Hello, whoever is out there! Sorry for the prolonged hiatus over the summer and into the fall. I had a pretty significant family emergency to deal with, and I also didn't go to a whole lot of concerts. I did see Eddie Vedder at the Cobb Energy Centre and Sir Paul McCartney in Piedmont Park, but those were both pretty much too awesome for words.

This past Friday night I went to Eddie's Attic to see Chatham County Line, a bluegrass quartet out of Raleigh, N.C. They'll be knocking around the South for the next couple months, so if they're passing through your town you should definitely get out to see them.

All four of the guys are strong musicians, and they sing around one mic in tight, clean harmonies. The picture above is blurry because they almost never stopped moving -- it was a really high energy show, even during the ballads. I'd heard one or two cuts off of CCL albums before I saw the show, and although those sounded great, nothing compares to seeing these guys live. Put them on your shortlist!

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